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If you are an aspiring internet marketer just like me, you may have tried many ways of making money on the internet, just like I have. The number of programs and systems promising to help you make you money on the internet are just too many. On a closer look, it becomes clear that most of those promoting the programs are actually struggling internet marketers looking to make money out of you. Before you realize that, you may have lost a bit of money, well I too lost quite a sum. By now you must be familiar with the trend. You try something new which seems promising, do everything you are supposed to, but the results remain disappointing. You end up making just a little money and in some cases you do not even recoup your investment. Allow me to point out a very important observation I have made, if the owner of the program has not made millions out of the system, avoid such a program. It is for this very reason I joined the iPro partner program, Dean Holland is an online marketing entrepreneur who is already a millionaire. We will come to that information later. The reason you will now make it is because understand that it takes an already successful program to make you a successful internet marketer.